Women's Only Fitness Challenge

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The Women With Weights Fitness Challenge will be structured around weightlifting, full body movements, combined with high intensity cardio. You will be instructed on all the lifts and movements so they can be properly executed. Weights, Kettle bells, sand bags, sleds, machines and body weight will be incorporated in all classes. All exercises can be modified to suit each individual as needed. Receive group training twice per week. 16 varied 1-hour classes. Smaller classes allow more of your instructor’s supervision and guidance and being a women’s only setting helps build a support system and more comfortable environment for some. Weigh-ins and body fat measurements are monitored at the beginning, middle and end of the challenge, along with before and after progress photos (if you consent)! Start the program off by sitting down one-on-one with your trainer to set fitness-related measurable goals to be reached by the end of the challenge. GRAND PRIZE FOR REACHING YOUR GOAL! Utilize your membership to EveryDay Fitness during the length of the boot camp in order to stay on top of your progress! Non-members will receive gym access during the length of the camp! Kids Club available during camp hours; check with the front desk for information on rates, enrollment and reserving space for your child(ren)! Over 1 week prior to the first workout, you will attend the Nutrition Seminar & Welcome Day hosted by our Certified Nutrition Practitioner. Receive expert advice and guidance from so that you can make the most out of this challenge! You will receive a detox plan so you can prepare for meal planning prior to camp.

Next Camp: TBA
Duration: 8-Weeks
Members: $350
Non-Members: $410

Meal Plans Included.
16 Varying, Intense 1-hour workouts.
Experienced Personal Trainer guiding you every step of the way.
Regular Goal Check-ins/Weigh-ins.
Discounts on Personal Training, Supplements, Nutrition & more.
Fun, comfortable, safe atmosphere.
Accountability & comradery.
Celebration Event at end of Challenge.
Group Training with Individual Attention.

Once your Enrollment Fee is paid, you will receive your WWW Informational Packet with everything you need to get started!

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