Club Rules:

  • Everyone must check in at the Front Desk.
  • Shoes are required. No open-toed or backless shoes allowed.
  • No dropping weights allowed.
  • Wipe down equipment after use.
  • Put all equipment away after use.
  • Allow others to work through when you are using multiple machines.
  • Do not place weights on upholstery.
  • No loud or excessive noise during workout.
  • No pictures or video recording in Locker Rooms.
  • No foul language or fighting.
  • All drinks must be in spill-proof containers.
  • No clothing containing offensive, harassing or discriminatory language or images allowed.
  • No drugs or alcohol allowed.
  • EveryDay Fitness is not responsible for personal belongings lost or stolen in the facility or parking lot.
  • Report all injuries, equipment malfunctions/safety issues to the Front Desk.
  • EveryDay Fitness reserves the right to refuse service &/or revoke membership at any time.
  • Any damage to equipment or facility may result in the member being financially responsible.


Members must be at least 10 years old to workout. If members are under 16 years old, they must always be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian in the club. At 16 years old, members are eligible to workout without parent/legal guardian supervision. If members are under 10 years old, they are required to be in the Kids Club. We do not allow any unaccompanied minors under age 16 in the club.

Payment Policy:

Members have the option of either joining on a Paid In Full (PIF) membership or a Monthly Dues membership.

When a member chooses the PIF option, they pay for all months up front, including any annual maintenance fees, and is not required to provide billing information. They can join for 1 Month, all the way up to 12 Months. The membership will automatically expire at the end of the predetermined term and the member will have the option to renew. This membership DOES NOT automatically renew. This type of membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable. A 12 Month PIF is eligible for Freeze, anything less than 12 Months is NOT eligible for Freeze. Cash, Check or Card are acceptable forms of payment.

Members have the option to choose either a 12 Month Commitment or a Month-to-Month (MTM) membership (no commitment). Both are paid by monthly installments. Dues are owed regardless of usage. Members are required to provide EFT billing information. 12 Month Commitment and MTM memberships are eligible for Freeze. At the end of the 12 Month Term, the membership automatically rolls into a MTM at the rate* the member signed up for, it does NOT automatically cancel at the end of 12 Months. MTM Memberships are required to be cancelled if the member no longer needs the membership.    *Membership rates are subject to change as business costs increase.  Members will be notified a minimum of 30 Days in advance.

It is the responsibility of the member to keep current billing information on file for any EFT dues. In the event EveryDay Fitness processes dues according to the membership agreement and the member’s billing information declines, a Decline Fee will be attached and if the account becomes delinquent after 30 days, a Late Fee may be attached. Members must submit updated/current billing information 7-10 Days prior to their billing date in order to allow adequate time to process. Members can update billing information and make payments towards their monthly dues via the Online Member Portal or by calling 855-275-1060.

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Membership Freeze:

Monthly Dues memberships and 12 Month PIF memberships are eligible to be frozen for a maximum of 6 months. A Freeze is a great option if you know you will not be using your membership for 30 Days + due to travel, injury, financial needs, illness, etc. We will place a hold on the membership for a fee of $5/month per member, instead of the full monthly dues. If Maintenance Fees are due during the specified Freeze dates, those will be billed as well. Members are always welcome to return early from Freeze. We do NOT Freeze memberships “indefinitely,” an End Date is required. Only Primary Members are authorized to submit Freeze Requests.

Paid In Full Memberships:
Must select the length of time in 30 Day increments. $5/month Freeze Fee per member is paid in full at time Freeze is requested. The expiration date of the PIF membership will be adjusted to accommodate for the Freeze length. If the member returns early from Freeze, the Expiration Date will be adjusted back to reflect this.

Monthly Dues Memberships:
Must select the length of time in 30 Day increments and are based on billing date. Members must submit their request 7-10 Days prior to their billing date to allow for adequate processing time. A $5/month Freeze Fee, per member, will be billed on the member’s billing date, as opposed to their full monthly dues. Members may Freeze individual members if others on the account still wish to use the facility. If a member is in a 12 Month Commitment, the Frozen months do not count towards the fulfillment of the contract.

If the member is able, they are welcome to come in person to club to submit the Freeze Request with an Authorized Team Member (ATM).  Calling ahead is best to ensure an ATM is available.  If the member has already left the area or is unable to come into the club, they are welcome to click the button below to submit their information. A Team Member will be in contact within 3-5 business days to collect the necessary information to assist in the request. Submitting member information via this online form does NOT Freeze the membership, it simply notifies the club that the member is interested in beginning the process to fulfill the request.

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Cancellation Policy & Procedures:

Paid in Full (PIF) Membership do NOT need to be cancelled, they will automatically expire at the predetermined date. Monthly Dues memberships (12 Month or MTM) will continue indefinitely unless cancelled, by giving 30 days written notice. In order to submit written notice, members need to either sign the facility’s cancellation form or they may cancel by certified or registered mail with signature, and providing full payment of any unpaid dues or indebtedness. A written notice is required for any Cancellation Request. The written request must be provided to EveryDay Fitness no later than 30 days prior to the member’s next billing date to ensure adequate time to process. (Example: if a member does not want to be billed on June 1st, they need to have their written request submitted and payments current no later than May 1st). The member may turn in a signed cancellation statement with signature in person or by mail or sign an EDFT Cancellation Request Form provided by the Membership Department. As stated, this is only a request. The written Cancellation Request only starts the cancellation process. If there are any discrepancies, such as past due balance, cancellation fee, etc., the member will be notified and the issue must be resolved before the Cancellation will be processed. Membership dues will continue to accrue until the Cancellation process is completed. Primary Members are the only authorized members to cancel their own agreements, add-ons are not authorized signers on the account.

If the Primary Member has moved at least 25 miles away from the club, they are able to void their contract.  In this instance, the member is still subject to the Cancellation Policy, however, if they are still in their commitment, the balance of the contract will be waived once we are provided proof of address.  Proof of address must be in the form of a lease/mortgage agreement, utility bill, or school/government/employer document mailed to the Primary Member's name at the new address 25+ miles away.  This document, as well as the completed Cancellation Form must be received before the Cancellation will be processed.

Cancellation Forms must be completed with an Authorized Team Member (ATM) and can be reached at the club Monday through Thursday 9:00am – 6:00pm, Friday 9:00am – 3:00pm or by appointment. If the member arrives during these posted hours and an ATM is unavailable or the member is physically unable to come into the facility, they are welcome to click the button below to submit information. A Team Member will be in contact within 3-5 business days to collect the necessary information to assist in the request. Submitting member information via this online form does NOT cancel the membership, it simply notifies the team that the member is interested in beginning the process to fulfill the request.

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Terms/Conditions Fine Print:

To view the fine print of our terms & conditions please click the link below.