Our location on Athens Avenue in Redding, CA has a long history of fitness!
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Our location on Athens Avenue in Redding, CA has a long history of fitness!  This location has been a gym for as long as anyone can remember.  From 1990-2008 Total Fitness was housed in this building, and before that it was Gold’s Gym.  Total Fitness announced its closure in December 2008, after 18 years in business.  When this announcement came, a member of 3+ years, Larry Fuqua and a couple of his workout buddies were upset at the news and disappointed at the thought of not being able to come to their favorite gym and be surrounded by its history and long-time membership base!  Everyone here was like family and they couldn’t stand the thought of that let down.  It was then that Larry and a few others decided to reopen a gym of their own!  Along with the help of a colleague, Ed White, who already owned a small training center, they created a partnership and began the remodel of 2345 Athens Avenue in December 2008.

There was a lot of work to be done!  According to experts in the field, there was a minimum of 3 months’ worth of work to be done.  However, Larry and Ed had promised to have the doors open to the former Total Fitness members by the beginning of February; they wouldn’t allow the doors to be shut to their friends any longer than that.  It took a village. With hard work, dedication, long nights and even a few gym members themselves, EveryDay Fitness completed 3 month of work in 5 weeks!  The doors opened on February 2nd, 2009.

EveryDay Fitness went through many changes and even a couple different logos over the years.  In December 2014 Larry Fuqua and his wife Vicki purchased the other half of the business from their former partner and took on Sole Proprietorship. With a new logo, tagline, business model and goal, the improved EveryDay Fitness emerged in 2015 and hit the ground running! 2015 proved to be a year of positive change and revitalization. A slew of new equipment was purchased, upgrades and repairs were happening all over the place and a fresh attitude was felt throughout the club!

Today, EveryDay Fitness continues to strive towards serving its members and community through outstanding customer service, gratitude, ethical business practices and providing a family atmosphere with a results-driven attitude. We hold ourselves accountable to our great city by participating in community events and donating time and services to responsible and philanthropic charities and causes.